Experience Lillerud


Lillerudsgymnasiet is a leading Swedish boarding school for the study of natural resource management with specialisations in agriculture, equine studies, animal care and natural science. Beautifully located in the municipality of Karlstad, Lillerudsgymnasiet is a private educational institution founded in 1892. Today there are 220 students attending the school, two thirds of which live on campus.

Lillerudsgymnasiet manages its own farm which includes dairy cows, a piggery, as well as sheep and crop production. For students specializing in equine studies, Lillerudsgymnasiet offers a modern equestrian facility with two riding arenas and four fully-equipped stables, three of which accommodate students’ private horses. For trot trainers Lillerudsgymnasiet runs a stable at Färjestadstravet in Karlstad, one of Sweden’s major professional race tracks. Students in animal care benefit from Lillerudsgymnasiet’s new animal house, which houses rabbits, rodents, birds, fishes and reptiles as well as a veterinary clinic.

Contact: Ulrika Hugemark